Meetup: About Raw Milk and How to Make Kefir!

learn about raw milk and kefir at the next WAPf chapter meetingThe next Weston A Price Foundation Eastern KY chapter meeting is on Thursday June 30th from 6:30-7:30pm at the Ramsey Building, 11 W. Main St, Owingsville.

We’ll be talking about raw milk and real food basics, why anyone would drink raw milk, pros and cons, plus how to make kefir! Kefir is like yogurt on steroids as far as probiotics go. Easy to make and so good for you and your family.

Guess what? We have a new raw milk provider in Morehead (she’ll be at the meeting)! Just getting started and the milk is delish.

Here’s a pdf flyer to print out if you want to share that way.

Courtney and Sally will be there by 6pm to meet and greet, so come early for a little social time, to ask questions and hang out. The meeting is free, just show up!

The missions of KAWW and WAPF are pretty much the same: connect real food farmers and holistic practitioners with consumers! WAPF has more emphasis on teaching, KAWW on networking, but the end game is the same: eat real food as close to nature as possible, like our grandparents did!

Are you a real food farmer or holistic practitioner? Please give us your info so we can share it with other real food enthusiasts! If you are already on the list and need to update your info, please use the form at the above link and we will correct asap. Thank you!

Any questions, please comment below or email Sally or Courtney. Hope to see you there!

Thru a WAPF chapter, you can learn about: Raw milk | Pastured eggs & meats | Why Butter is a Superfood | What’s wrong with a little sugar? | FAQs about Vegan/Vegetarian Diets | What are Trans Fats? | Why high fat diets are GOOD! | Organic or Conventional: What’s the diff? | Why anyone would live Chemical-Free | & More!

P.S. If you want a meeting in your area, email Sally or Courtney and we’ll get you set up. If you are not comfortable leading a meeting, one of us would love to come to you and guest host. Please ask :)

2 comments to Meetup: About Raw Milk and How to Make Kefir!

  • Are there any more meetings scheduled for Fayette/Scott counties?

    • Sally Oh

      Hi Michele, not at the moment but it’s on the list for some time in the future, certainly. If you want to pick a date (a Thursday night works best for us) and help promote it, that will help us get there sooner. I’ll provide all the materials for promoting it: create a Facebook event page, send you a flyer to print and pass around, do a blog post about it, etc. If you can hand out flyers during your regular daily life (library, pharmacy, banks, hair salons/barbers, etc.), that helps get the word out. Libraries are good places for the meetings, no kitchen but free space. Or a local ag center will often let us use a room for free. If you are up for that, let me know!

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