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Membership Criteria

The focus is Wellness Agriculture.

All welcome who either engage in or support wellness ag. This translates as farming methods that include:

  • non-GMO feed for livestock
  • pastured, free-range animals, no CAFOs
  • non-GMO seed for plants
  • no glyphosate (Round-Up) used on property
  • herbicide/pesticide free (with some exceptions)
  • growth hormones, prophylactic antibiotics not used
  • organic certification not necessary
  • organic practices encouraged

Farmers and consumers in transition to real food welcome! While Monsanto will not be speaking at any meetings, we aren’t purists and nobody’s perfect. We’ve all run out of the good feed… The goal is wholesome, real food going into healthy bodies and lifestyles. Real Food Ky aims to be a supportive network for farmers and businesses sharing the same values.

Do you offer real food to consumers?

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