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Welcome to Real Food KY — also home to the KY Food Independence Co-op

Kentucky agriculture remains the foundation of our culture: raising/growing nutrient dense food for home and/or market, maintaining strong family ties, respect for property, and a strong work ethic.

Our Mission

…is to connect local Kentucky “real food” farmers to consumers. By “real food”, we mean food raised and/or grown as close to the earth as possible.

Real Food Ky

Real Food KY is our overall group. Everyone who is interested in growing, raising, preparing, feeding, eating REAL NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD is so so very welcome!!!


It’s also home to the Ky Food Independence Co-op (KFIC) which is a private membership food co-op featuring healthy food provided by Ky farmers. Nutrient dense foods like…

  • farm fresh milk & dairy products
  • goat’s milk when available
  • pastured eggs & chicken
  • grass-fed, pastured meats
  • baked goods
  • local honey 
  • organic sourdough bread
  • home made soaps & tinctures
  • local CBD products
  • organic* fruits & veggies
  • all feed non-GMO if not organic
  • prepared foods all using organic/non-GMO ingredients & cultures
  • prepared salves, syrups, lotions using organic/non-GMO ingredients
  • + traditional supplements

*organic means either USDA certified organic or grown/raised using organic practices

Members order online and pick up their food once a week at their closest drop location in the Lexington – Bluegrass area.

Interested in joining the food club?

Kentucky is blessed with an abundance of real food farmers. I hope you’ll join us — text Sally at (859) 550-3862 and we can get you started on the sign-up process.

We look forward to meeting you!

PS. If you are on social media, please friend me — I’m @xosallyo everywhere (FB, Insta, MeWe, Gab, Parler, Twitter…)