We like to eat. We want to get & stay healthy. Real food from a clean planet is how we do it.
Bring friends & family, it's such a fun time!
Aaaand the first Real Food KY podcast is live! Jen is awesome, her farm and animals are amazing! I love visiting all the birds (there must be 200…
"When you know your farmer, you will eat."
Do you offer "real food" to consumers?
“A fundamental tenet of handling fresh, unprocessed milk is to maintain what California Organic Pastures dairy farmer Mark McAfee calls the ‘cold…
Don't let this happen in KY. Ain't nobody coming to save us, we're just gonna have to protect ourselves. Join MAFAKy.org (that's just subscribing, it's…
In the real foodie/real farmer world, there is a lot of discussion about grass vs grain finished. The purists are "grass-finished only" while the…
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