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The purpose of Real Food Ky is to network real food farmers with other like-minded farmers, suppliers, wellness service providers and consumers. Members are listed below by County. Find your closest county and make contact with a member there. Joining us is free, fun and profitable. Just subscribe and you are in!

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COUNTIES (so far):

Kentucky Ag Women for Wellness in these KY counties!


Courtney Byron, homeschooling mom to 7, Young Living essential oils, Weston A Price Foundation co-chapter leader teaching others about real nutrient dense food. email

Sally Oh, Functional Health Practitioner, Young Living EOsWeston A Price Foundation co-chapter leader (with Courtney) — Sally helps clients heal their health challenges using all natural methods. email


Joyce Koch, Nurse, use & sell essential oil, herbs & raw milk, email


Michelle Ferrell, Ferrell Farm, we have just started with 15 acres. I would like to do organically grown fruits, vegetables, 765-702-5607, email


Cameron Heathcoat, Psychology of Eating Coach, email

Jessica Moore, Meat, chickens, eggs & honey, email

Lynn RushingMichael & Annabelle’s Eggs at Evermore farmemail, 859-278-7663 — organic, free range, pasture raised ducks & chickens. We offer eggs and some really cool, friendly roosters for protection of your laying hens. Michael & Annabelle have many types of breeds from Cochins to old english bantam.


Nancy Lindemood, Suri Alpacas at 2 Point Farm

Nancy Ogg, Meat, goats, honey bees, vegetables & weed specialist, email


Chrisian Grenier, Owner of Heartfelt Fleece & Fiber

Holly Lea Laytart, Rabbit & Vegetables, email

Jessica Barnes, Horticulture Extension Agent, email

Juanita Herrington, Heirloom Seed & Vegetables, email

Theresa Brown, Chicken eggs, duck eggs, mushrooms & Wildcrafted tea, email


Valerie Samutin, Freedom Run Farm — Certified Organic & Kentucky Proud, featuring fowl (layers, broilers, turkeys, geese and ducks), lamb (Dorper/Katahdin cross), cattle (grass-fed Black Angus), bees, with more to come!


Devi Hall, Marketing novelties, email


Jennifer & John Myka —  Free Radical Ranch is a working diversified 17-acre farm in Piner offering over ten different animal species, fiber and fiber products plus healthy produce.


Paula Antonini, Simply Nutrition since 2008, Email, 859-473-3881 — As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I offer the following: Health and nutrition coaching for individuals, couples and small groups; Healthy eating workshops and cooking classes, DoTERRA Essential Oils

Penny Snapp, Eggs & Jersey milk, email


Pamela Wright, Produce, beef, project mgmt., email


Elsa Mann, Grassfed beef, email


Betsy Meadows, Milk & honey, email


Ann Stone, Scott County, Elmwood Stock Farm — Certified Organic & Kentucky Proud eggs, beef, poultry, lamb, produce, turkey

Blanche Overton, Vineyard owner & operator, email

Linda Stone, KAWW Founder, Brook-lin Jerseys producing delicious raw milk, Kentucky Proud and Animal Welfare Approved.

Renee Corregan, Trinity Ridge Farm, grassfed beef

Shelly Baker, Milk, honey, eggs & consumer, email