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Dear Kentucky Farmers!

Do you offer “real food” to consumers?

We’d love to know what you offer and how consumers can reach you! Even if you aren’t a food club provider :)

“Real Food”Farmer Criteria

Our focus is Wellness Agriculture, which means:

  • non-GMO feed for livestock
  • pastured, free-range animals, no CAFOs
  • non-GMO seed for plants
  • no glyphosate (Round-Up) used on property
  • herbicide/pesticide free (with some exceptions)
  • no growth hormones or prophylactic antibiotics used
  • organic certification not necessary
  • organic practices encouraged

Can you join us?

Please click here & use the form to tell us as much as you can!

We’ll be in touch. Thank you!

Farmers and consumers in transition to real food, welcome! While Monsanto will not be speaking at any meetings, we aren’t purists and nobody’s perfect. We’ve all run out of the good feed… The goal is wholesome, real food going into healthy bodies and lifestyles. Real Food Ky aims to be a supportive network for farmers and businesses sharing the same values.