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About KAWW (Ky Ag Women for Wellness)

KWIWA Linda Stone of Brook-lin Jerseys who started it all


About 4 years ago, KAWW started as a gleam in Linda Stone’s eye. With her typical enthusiasm, she invited women she knew in ag to a networking luncheon, to see if anyone else liked the idea.

Thinking 20 or so women would show, everyone was wowed when 60 women arrived for lunch! She recruited Gerri, Sally and Courtney to help organize and KAWW was born.

Our meetings were so fun and with so much life and energy! Unfortunately, busy farmers can’t spend much time traveling 2 hours for lunch! So KAWW has been merged with Sally and Courtney’s Weston A. Price Foundation chapter.

WAPF and KAWW share the same vision and purpose: teach people about real food and connect farmers with consumers. Please join us – click here to subscribe to our newsletter (infrequent mailings).

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