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Tonight from 5-7 pm, Joanna Lewis-Oldfield, Courtney Byron and I (Sally Oh) will be at a local health fair at Crossroads Elementary in Bath County.

We’ll be representing the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) and KAWW. We’ll have a table with WAPF brochures, free samples of fresh milk and 3 women who like to talk about food and farming :)

Stop by if you are close and help us chat up the health and economic advantages of eating fresh, local real food while supporting your local farmers!

If there’s any kind of health or food fair/event near you, why not host a table at that event?

Many small local events are free, some even have tables and chairs. No special qualifications except the urgent need to spread the good news. Any kind of food samples (home made cookies or fudge made by a local?) are good to have but not required. Here’s our list of supplies for an event:

  • Table and chairs – any size, a card table will do, camp chairs are fine. Cover the table with a tablecloth, no one will know it’s got woodworking glue stuck all over the top. Many small events are in a school or someplace where they already have tables and chairs.
  • Notebook or clipboard with paper to gather names, county of residence and email addresses. If we need more info, we can get the rest via email. Just these 3 items keeps this a quick, easy sign-up. Make sure people P-R-I-N-T that email address and that you can read it!
  • Biz cards or flyers so people can walk away with something. If you want a KAWW flyer, I’ll send you one via email to print up. If you want WAPF brochures, let me know and I’ll see what I can get to you. As chapter leaders, Courtney and I get them for free and happy to share. (WAPF’s mission is spreading the word about local food, farming and the healing arts, right in line with KAWW.)
    • Flowers
    • A local food item people can sample: cheese, fresh milk, a dip. Remember napkins, paper towels, paper cups, plastic utensils, etc. Make sure it’s ok with the event that you serve a food item.
    • Local food items to sell if that’s ok with the event organizers.
    • Essential Oil (EO) diffuser if you have one. You’ll have the best smelling table in the place :) If you don’t use EOs and want to, see the membership page to contact a KAWW member who also sells EOs.

Do you live in Kenton County and would like to start a KAWW chapter?

A woman in Covington wrote to ask if there’s a chapter local to her! Can you start one? The only “qualifications” for a KAWW chapter are as follows:

  • The desire to spread the word about fresh, local real food and supporting your local KY farmers.
  • A local ag center or library where meetings can be held for free.
  • 2 hours for a meeting once every few months.
    • You can have meetings as often or infrequently as you like! Ours in Bath County are the third Thursday every other month (next one is St. Patrick’s Day 3/17 at the Bath County Library in Owingsville). There is no minimum requirement at all! Our Bath County meetings are 6:30-8:30pm because of work schedules, but you can have daytime, Saturday morning, weeknight… whatever works for you as the hostess.
  • Topics for a meeting? Anything at all relating to food… FAIR WARNING: discussion on your topic lasts for about 2.5 minutes before the group takes over with questions and suggestions! The enthusiasm of our small Bath County group (about 15 of us) is at exactly the same level as the enthusiasm of our big Scott County meetups have been!

There is such a need for KAWW all over KY.

Women farmers, consumers and wellness providers are desperate for an outlet for discussion, sharing ideas, marketing and product sales — we just aren’t willing to be a secret anymore!

If you’ve thought about starting a chapter in your county, just do it. You don’t have to be a farmer! Pick a time, let me know and I’ll do an email about it to the 200 of us on this email list. (And that list is growing all the time.)

Then share the details all over social media and your personal email list. Ask everyone to share it. You could print up flyers and post at local farm supply stores, maybe get a PSA on a local radio station? Word of mouth will do the rest.

What if you only have five people show up? Huge success!!! And next time, they’ll bring or send five more! The energy of the meetings is so inspiring. There’s no reason not to meet your local farmers and real food enthusiasts. “Just do it!”