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Join us for an informative evening with Bob Reeves!

Bob is an expert on mercury, aluminum, fluoride and other everyday toxins.

He will speak to us about what those toxins are, how we come into contact, how to avoid and how to stay healthy despite them!

WHAT: Everyday Toxins & How to Stay Healthy

WHEN: This coming Monday July 17th from 7-8:30 pm

WHERE: Lexington Downtown Library, 140 E. Main Street, Basement (Free 2 hour parking — bring your parking ticket inside and have it validated at the front desk!)

WHO: Sally Oh and Courtney Byron, co-chapter leaders of the Weston A. Price Foundation, with special guest speaker Bob Reeves.

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About Bob Reeves

Bob has been involved in many highly complex medical malpractice cases. He and his family have also encountered serious health problems.

These situations forced Bob to become conversant with medical standards of care, published health studies as well as anecdotal evidence.

He’s had to take a hard look at what really brings individual health.

Over the last few years, Bob has worked with IAOMT.org, Focus for Health and other organizations to make health care safe. It currently is not safe.

Questions, please ask!