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A good friend of ours, Valerie Samutin, is a lamb farmer and manages a co-op of local grass-fed lamb farmers, getting the lambs to market. The co-op is new in the last couple of years and they currently sell mostly to restaurants and farmer’s markets.

The co-op currently has about 5 extra lambs ready for harvest and needing buyers! These are gorgeous, prime, luscious lamb, pasture-raised, then finished on a traditional balanced diet of high quality forage and non GMO grains. NO antibiotics, no hormones, all natural. This means that we can get this delicious meat at wholesale prices right now!

Lamps are sold whole or half and that’s how you order. We aren’t able to order specific cuts at this price, but the half lambs are divided as equally as possible.

If you are getting a half lamb and want organ meat, please say so. Otherwise, it is not included (because most people don’t want it). 


Lambs are ready for processing now. They will be delivered to Lexington in the next couple of weeks, time and place to be determined.

How Farm to Fork Animals are Priced

Animals are priced “live weight”. The avg LIVE weight of these lambs is 149 lbs — this is when the lamb is priced and we pay wholesale $2.75/pound.

The avg PROCESSED (or “hot carcass”) weight is 79 lbs (about 53% of the live weight). This is what you get and it’s cut into standard cuts (like you find at the grocery store, list below).

Detailed pricing info is below.

If you’ve never bought meat this way, all you need is freezer space. We always buy in bulk directly from our farmer. It’s the most economical way to get clean, healthy meat!


– SHOULDER, options: shoulder steaks, shoulder roasts
– NECK, options: sliced, put into ground lamb
– LEG OF LAMB, options: leg of lamb, lamb leg steaks
– LAMB BREAST, options: rolled and tied, ground into lamb burger

Pricing Details

[Please note that the 149 lbs is AVG weight of a lamb so just know there can be a weight swing of +/- ten pounds.]

  • 149 lbs x $2.75 = $409.75 (that yields approx 79 lbs of meat)
  • + $20 delivery
  • + $75 processing
  • + optional vacuum-packed (79 lbs x .25 = $19.75); otherwise, it’s wrapped in paper. Vacuum packing is recommended to avoid the risk of freezer burn.

Whole lamb (79 lbs) = $524.50
Half lamb (40 lbs) = $262.25

Price per pound works out to approx $6.60/pound.

Delivered Frozen in a Box

  • Box measures 18″ x 11.5″ x 6.5″
  • Whole lamb: 2 boxes
  • Half lamb: 1 box

To Order:

If you are interested in a whole or half lamb, let me know asap.

You will be able to pay via PayPal. Valerie will be in touch asap to confirm your order.

Also: Valerie has good resources for recipes, plus we will be sharing links and recipes on the blog!

Thank you all for supporting our local farmers and FOR BEING LOCAL FARMERS!