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Dear KAWW friends,

The Scott County Chapter meeting at Elmwood Stock Farm in Scott County last month was SO MUCH FUN! Mac and Ann served a delicious chili and everyone sat around on hay bales and ate while Mac told us all about the farm. We learned the history, EXACTLY what they do there and how they do it

Then we took the grand tour — gorgeous day for it! We saw the layers, broilers, turkeys, chicks, veggies,  strawberries and GINGER. Yes, ginger!

Here are some pictures from the event:

  • Welcome to Elmwood Stock Farm :)
  • Mac talks about the farm layout
  • Layers to the left, turkeys straight ahead
  • The last of the leafy greens
  • Strawberries!
  • Strawberry watering system
  • Lots of high tunnels
  • What's growing here?
  • Ginger, a tropical plant
  • In a high tunnel, the planting season just goes on
  • Jessica takes a sun break with her daughter
  • Listening to Mac on a beautiful day
  • Comfy seats
  • Mac talks about the farm history
  • The kids and teens loved the hay!
  • Mac and Linda talking about KAWW
  • Lots of kids about
  • And families
  • Mac and Ann enjoying lunch
  • Linda chatting with KAWW enthusiasts!
  • Baby chicks in a cozy home
  • Beautiful day on the farm
  • Ann made chili for lunch -- it was delicious
  • Gerri and Roscoe - a couple of guys sneaked in :)
  • See you next time!

Do you have food for sale?

Yes, this question should have been asked BEFORE Thanksgiving… but it’s the holiday season and we’re bound to eat again, right?

If you have food for sale, please let us know asap. A quickie newsletter with your info will go out next weekend. Let us know what food you still have available and how to contact you. Any additional info like how it’s grown/raised is always appreciated! Just send an email to kaww AT use.startmail.com.

Actually, you can just go ahead and send info about your products and services — just fill out this handy form at kaww.org/member-sites. Then you’ll be added to the member list so others can find you.

New Eastern KY Chapter Having it’s First Meeting!

Courtney Byron and Sally Oh are holding the first Eastern KY chapter meeting in January, either the 2nd or 3rd Thursday at 6:30 at the Bath County ag center (exit 123 off 64). Just waiting for confirmation of the space (should have that by next email).

All welcome, join them if you can. Please tell your Eastern KY friends and farmers about this chapter. Send them to the website to subscribe — link is in the menu bar and below. Then they’ll get email notices of upcoming meetings and events.

In fact, tell all your like-minded farmers about KAWW. Send them this link to subscribe so they can check out a meeting: http://eepurl.com/bpHW8j

Starting a KAWW Chapter?

Now is a good time — slower time for farmers and not as much to do in the wintah. A 2-hour time frame seems about right for a meeting and you can do daytime or evening, whatever suits you and your members. Heck, you can change that up, too, as you see fit.

And topics? No worries… anything around good food and farming seems to work. If you’ve been to KAWW meetings so far, you know that once the conversation starts, the hardest part is ending on time!

The #1 challenge

with finding good, local food is finding the farmers who provide it. KAWW is the solution: networking, putting farmers and foodies together. If you haven’t already, please send in your info — click here to fill out a quick form: kaww.org/member-sites and you’ll be added to the list.

Enjoy your holidays, everyone, and see you soon!