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I got an email today from Miller’s Organic Farm and am so disturbed AGAIN by what is happening there. The FDA & USDA have been harassing this farm for several years now. During Amish Sam’s trial, Amos (Miller) called me to discuss what was happening at the farm (the Miller’s are Amish as well).

Seems government bureaucracies don’t like private membership associations which are exempt from some bureaucratic manhandling. I’ll be frank here: I hate them. Rand Paul wrote a book called Government Bullies. That is all they are: bullies who hide behind “keeping the food supply safe”.

They are failing miserably at that and the proof is in the GMO pudding. Since we’ve had an FDA and a USDA, Americans are fatter and sicker than we’ve ever been.

Here’s most of the original email, I edited a bit and added formatting for clarity.

It’s a busy time of the year here at the farm. Spring is always a favorite time of the year with the grass growing at its peak. 

We would like to stock up on our grass-fed beef, chicken, turkey, etc., but USDA is aggressively hindering us from doing that. This week Paul Flanagan, USDA, was here again and detained approximately 3,000 lbs. of our fresh corn & soy free chicken, beef & pork, which many of our members have long been waiting for. They are actually hindering us from supplying you with citric acid free fresh meats.

This is extremely disturbing. Never before has your support been more important than it is now to preserve your rights for nutrient-dense foods. USDA is giving us two options if we want to continue to supply your needs.


One is to take our animals to a USDA certified facility which is no longer giving us the option of natural citric acid. Many of our members are sensitive to citric acid and how it is manufactured. We at the farm only want to provide you with the best chemical-free meats possible. We need your support in this regard.


Option number two that they are giving us is what they call the custom exemption facility, which we could process here at the farm but the animal has to be completely spoken for. This means that every cut of meat has to be sold before the animal can ever be processed. This means that the animal is being divided to a group of people, meaning each family would need to take approximately 10-40 lbs. of meat at a time. This also means that if nobody from that group wants the liver, heart, etc. that would have to be thrown out and discarded. We would like to know how many of our members could work with this option. 

Miller outlines two other options.


Option number three is to stand together and exercise our private rights to our private membership association. How can the USDA say there is nothing like a private sale when our $1.00 bill or $10.00 bills actually have written on them “this note is legal tender for all debts public & private”?


Option number four is to close our meat facility.

Let me write about something that happened in my grandfather’s time, around the 1950’s or so, when they did not agree to send their children to public school past the eighth grade. They felt the need to keep them home at the farm where hands-on learning skills can be very important. This created a big conflict between the government and the farming community, but they did not give in. They stood strong with their beliefs. They actually got arrested and put in jail. Other people paid their fines. This happened more than once. They finally got a Supreme Court ruling in Wisconsin that they have a right to have their own private schooling. 

Are we ever grateful that my grandfather and their community stayed strong. Our farming community has stayed strong for many years because of this.

Let me tell you the rest of the story.

In the past 10-20 years, rules and regulations have been getting more and more strict and enforced, making it impossible for the small farm to make a living on the farm, especially animal farming. I cannot tell you how many farms went out of business in our area this past year because of the rules and regulations that are being enforced. Our private rights are being taken away. As the saying goes, No farms, No Food.

If we as nutrient-dense, raw foodist consumers would like to have access to these nutrient-dense, chemical [free foods], we will ALL have to stay active in reserving our natural food freedom. 

IF YOU WANT CONTINUED ACCESS TO NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS, you must get involved!!! Nobody is coming to save us.

On the contrary, there are very powerful, well-financed forces coming to enslave us and force their unhealthy nutrient-less foods into our bodies!!!

  • Support your local farms: buy one item, two items, buy your entire menu from your local food club or farmer’s market or roadside stand! Stop in at your local farm and ask if they sell anything direct to consumer, then buy some. If you don’t eat that, give it to someone who will. (Me, we eat everything!!!)
  • Contact your U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman and request that they intervene with the USDA & FDA and make them STOP INTERFERING with your access to nutrient-dense FOOD!
  • Contact your local Commissioner of Agriculture and any farm-related committees in your legislature and request that they intervene with local “health” & ad boards and make THEM stop interfering with your access to nutrient-dense food!!!